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COEKG: Colorado EKG Repository

Facilitating Critical Inter-Hospital Emergency Data Exchange

Colorado Medical Society        RES-7-P AM ‘05

Introduced by: Boulder County Medical Society

Subject: Colorado EKG Exchange Service

Referred to: Reference Committee on Board of Directors/Constitution & Bylaws/Credentials

WHEREAS, electronic health records have demonstrated their unquestioned contribution to improved patient care, error reduction, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, and

WHEREAS, free-market producers of commercial information technology have little independent incentive to abandon proprietary formats and create open source solutions because that would entail risk of losing market-share, and

WHEREAS, a decade after secure e-commerce strategies have been available the health care community has been the slowest sector to adopt and enjoy efficiency benefits of this technology, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that CMS will support the development and implementation of the nation's first statewide secure and accessible network to share critical clinical data between all emergency departments and qualifying clinics by the end of 2006.

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