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Facilitating Critical Inter-Hospital Emergency Data Exchange

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COEKG.com is a non-profit organization of health care and information professionals dedicated to improving emergency data exchange between hospitals. This charitable project evolved from the Indigent Care Task Force mission to improve clinical data exchange between the Emergency Departments and local subsidized clinics (People's, Salud and Campesina). Uninsured, underinsured, indigent and other patients with insufficient access to Primary Care resources tend to be the last to benefit from the efficiencies inherent in an electronic health record (EHR), so our mission disproportionately benefits this group.

Our vision is a platform-independent, secure but accessible inter-hospital network. A user-friendly, patient-centric exchange service will contribute to delivery of efficient medical care via the Internet. After a decade of painfully slow progress with electronic health record interconnectivity, we aspire to link all Emergency Departments' EKG databases over the Web. EKG exchange should be an attainable goal using off the shelf technology and we aim to devise a prototype model for national adoption. Quality care, Privacy and HIPAA conformity are our top goals. We are doctors, information specialists and health care professionals sharing your passion for smarter use of the Internet!

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I think this sounds like a great project! I've gone to the website and checked it out and it seems like you are on the right track... Also, the CMS Health Leadership Committee (HLC) has be working on the idea of creating a state-wide Advanced Directives website that would make patients' AD's available to any hospital in the state (much like your EKG database). -- Dr Rick May, President, Colorado Medical Society, Jul 25, 2005

Lt Col (Dr) John Ogle

John Ogle, MD, MPH, FACEP is an Emergency Physician and web developer. Lt Col Ogle also serves as Chief of Aerospace Medicine, 153rd MDG, WY Air National Guard.

  • Board Certified Emergency Physician
  • President-Elect Boulder County Medical Society
  • Founder, COEKG
  • Founder, FlightPhysical.com
  • Epidemiologist and Web Developer

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