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Facilitating Critical Inter-Hospital Emergency Data Exchange

ERPush announces iPhone App to push medical records to nearest ERs via Mobile Phone

SB 74 Passes Senate!

Pan Flu Online Patient Status

Congrats! Resolutions 11-P Passes at State Level Sept 17, 2006

See Original Resolution as Submitted from County Level

See Final Resolution as Passed at State Level


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COEKG Incorporates as NonProfit
Oct 14, 2005

EKG Exchange Resolution 7-P Adopted by CMS Board of Delegates

Colorado Medical Society Annual Meeting    Date: September 18, 2005

The corks were flying Sep 18 in Steamboat Springs! After passing committees with minimal resistance, the BCMS resolution (7-P) surprised the authors by inspiring vigorous debate on the floor. All present agreed on the wisdom of encouraging inproved use of the Internet to share clinical data, but many of the physician delegates felt that resolution 7-P was too restrictive since it only addressed EKG exchange. After amendments were proposed and accepted, the resolution was modified slightly to keep an open ended target date for completion, and CMS added a second clause to include "critical clinical data" as an extension to the original focused goal of EKG sharing. Overall, Great News for the COEKG team--Congratulations all!

View Final Resolution as Passed    Original Resolution


Katrina shows need to computerize records

Source: San Francisco Chronicle     Date: September 13, 2005

Federal health officials are working to open a database of prescription drug records to help Hurricane Katrina evacuees. The developing project underscores the glaring reality that the hurricane destroyed medical records of untold numbers of people, possibly complicating treatment decisions for years to come. It's focusing new attention on the need for computerized medical records that can be accessed wherever the patients are.


Hurricane Katrina Volunteer Physicians:

If you wish to travel out of state to volunteer your medical services we urge you to contact the Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS). They are mobilizing health care professionals and relief personnel to assist in Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Physicians and other medical professionals with any state license who can commit to short-term, long-term or rotating coverage are urgently needed in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Texas. Visit the HHS Health Care Professionals and Relief Personnel Volunteer Page at https://volunteer.ccrf.hhs.gov/ to sign up. You can also call the Hurricane Katrina Volunteer Call Center at (866) 528-6334.

Also, the Medical Reserve Corps Web site has just been updated with a Hurricane Katrina Response page. To find links to important information from the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control, USA Freedom Corps and the work being done by the MRC through the American Red Cross, please click on the Hurricane Katrina Response icon on the right-hand side of the MRC homepage. (www.medicalreservecorps.gov)

Interview with Federal IT Czar

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The COEKG project is an aggressive nonprofit enterprise aimed at improving patient care and reducing ER clerical workloads through browser-based EKG sharing. We are building an EKG database using the Internet for secure provision of data in support of emergency patient care. Emergency Departments will have to access comparison EKG tracings for critical patients even when previous records exist at external hospitals. By providing graphical data over the Internet, we provide real time data for consenting patients. All patients stand to benefit from improved communications between hospitals. Our database respects all HIPAA and state of the art security protocols while bypassing many of thecurrent interface barriers to effective inter-hospital communication.

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